before & after photo collage of interior spaces Over time, buildings wear out, consumer expectations change and attitudes adjust. Reinvention is an ongoing and essential process of evolving and adapting to changing trends, commercial design standards and consumer priorities. Interior design reinvention provides an exciting opportunity for good stewardship and long-term viability, while breathing new life into existing spaces.

waverly heights lobby renovations
Waverly Heights Lobby Renovations
  1. Evaluate and Update Regularly

If spaces are underused, that is probably an indication that something about the design is not resonating with your end user. Often, it is simply a matter of the space being outdated and in need of a refresh.  Other times, spaces need to be entirely re-imagined for a new use, based on changing preferences of different generations.  Commercial interior spaces should be refreshed every few years and completely renovated by year 15, if not well before then depending on the industry.

masonic village renovations before & after photos
Masonic Village at Sewickley Cafe Renovations
  1. Keep it Relevant

Whether it’s a senior living community, office, restaurant, hotel or municipal building, consumers are seeking authenticity – relevant design elements that reflect regional vernacular and incorporate local materials and artisans.  Likewise, physical spaces should set the stage for distinctive experiences and comfortable, welcoming settings that foster positive interactions.

columbia public library updates before & after photos
Columbia Public Library Update

3. Focus on Timeless Design Principles

Simplicity, sophisticated and scaled appropriately—these are the hallmarks of timeless design.  Busy shapes and patterns should be carefully considered and used in moderation to extend the design “lifespan” of an interior update. Short lived fads can turn into long term liabilities in terms of market appeal. Start with a neutral foundation, emphasizing natural materials and functional design strategies, and then add in some bold pops of colors, trendy accessories or distinctive accent pieces that can easily be exchanged when updates are needed. Timeless design is quietly understated and adaptable, reinforcing the architectural design elements and function in the space for lasting appeal.

Perhaps the most important step is to get started.  Take a look at your spaces, or ask an impartial third party to help you identify the message your physical presence is sending to customers, employees or business associates.  Make sure it reinforces your brand and mission. If you are unable to remember the last update, it is probably time for some level of Interior design reinvention!

Here are a few more examples of recent interior renovations.

pleasant view lobby before renovations


pleasant view lobby after renovations
Pleasant View Retirement Community Lobby Update

ephrata high school library before renovations


ephrata high school library after renovations
Ephrata Area High School Library Renovations

brandermill woods restaurant area before renovations

brandermill woods restaurant area after renovations
Brandermill Woods Restaurant Update

waverly heights cafe before renovations

waverly heights cafe after renovations
Waverly Heights Cafe Renovation

Blog Editor – Jodi Kreider, LEED AP