Creative Opportunities for Growth: University-Based Retirement Communities

University-based retirement communities provide creative opportunities for growth

There has been a lot of buzz around University-Based Retirement Communities (UBRCs). Industry experts have predicted a rise in their number as both higher ed and senior living seek creative strategies for future vitality.

Opportunities for Mutual Growth and Learning

Downward trends in higher education enrollment and revenue can be partially attributed to a declining cohort of college-age population. At the same time there has been a well-documented rise in baby boomers reaching retirement age and thus increasing demand for senior housing options. College-affiliated retirement communities, located on or near higher ed campuses, provide both entities with creative opportunities for mutual growth. An ideal UBRC partnership can introduce a steady form of alternative revenue while supporting campus initiatives such as research, academic programs and community outreach. Colleges also benefit from having an active pool of senior residents on campus as continuing education students, guest lecturers, research advisors, student mentors, club advisors and volunteers.

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