CAFE 250

Café 250

Our fully-equipped bistro includes coffee/tea stations, snacks and stocked beverage refrigerators including a rotating supply of craft beers. It’s the perfect venue for employee chefs and catered events. Employees enjoy catered lunches twice a month, prepared most weeks by Antonia from East King Culinary. Antonia is also one of our regular caterers, along with John Moeller from State of Affairs for meetings and special events.


Wilbur Buds

As many clients have come to expect, Wilbur Buds bite-sized chocolates are often on the table when meeting with RLPS staff. We’re not certain when the tradition started, but the idea is to provide a token of our appreciation with a local product which is also certified kosher dairy. And who doesn’t like chocolate?

According to Candy Professor, the better-known Hershey Kiss was actually an early imitator of the Wilbur Bud. Chocolate manufacturer H.O. Wilbur and Son had been selling a bite-sized, foil-wrapped conical chocolate drop called the Wilbur Bud since 1894, well before the introduction of the kiss. Wilbur Buds are no longer individually wrapped, perhaps to better show off the molded flower-shaped bottom with the letters W-I-L-B-U-R embossed in each petal. However, they can be hard to find outside of Lancaster County, Pennsylvania—other than at an RLPS meeting!