After Hours

Egg Drop 2018

Each year on the Friday before Memorial Day we celebrate the start of summer with the annual RLPS Egg Drop. Employees are given a kit of supplies which are used to build a contraption to protect a raw egg when it’s dropped. This year our Virtual Reality team was in charge of the drop so participants donned our Microsoft HoloLens headset and had to release their egg-protecting creation from a zip line by remote control when they thought it would hit a virtual target. Screens in the room allowed spectators to see what each person saw in the headset. Congratulations to Rebecca with her Bye-Plane and Todd with Hank who tied for first place and to Andy, who’s Dragone Dragon came in second.

2017 Gingerbread Display: Gretna Greetings

The creative confection for 2017 highlighted the 125th anniversary of the town of Mt. Gretna, located in Lebanon County Pennsylvania. The display featured candy construction, in 3/8” scale, modeled after actual homes in the town today. Iconic buildings include the Jigger Shop, Emporium, Hall of Philosophy and Playhouse can also be found. Clients and business associates voted on their favorites which are featured in the above photos.

This was the 28th year that RLPS employees, family members and friends have used frosting, gingerbread, pastas, beans, candies, cereals, pretzels, gum, fondant and other edible materials to create a holiday display. Supplies start arriving in late November and construction occurs at the close of business each day and over the course of many week-end hours.

A special thank you to all those who visited and donated 12 overflowing boxes of non-perishable food donations for Water Street Mission.


RLPS Egg Drop 2017

At RLPS we start each summer with an egg drop. (It’s a competition where employees make contraptions intended to keep a raw egg from breaking when “dropped”.) Each year ends up with a unique twist – this year’s drop was shark themed thanks to the planning and direction of our shark-loving RLPS Interiors design team! Congratulations this year’s winner, Sam, and to tied second-place winners Rebecca and Tim.

RLPS Egg Drop 2016

What a great way to celebrate the unofficial start to summer here at RLPS! Our 2016 egg drop was inspired by the movie Up. The objective was, as always, to build a contraption that will protect a raw egg from breaking upon impact. Built out of a specific set of materials including a box of tissues, stickers, and decorative tape, houses were lifted via helium filled balloons and dropped after a sparkler connecting the egg contraption to the balloons burnt through. Congratulations to our co-winners Stacie Doman and Sarah O’Donnell.

RLPS Egg Drop 2015

This year’s Egg Drop, our annual tradition kicking off the start of summer, involved our creative contraptions being dropped from a drone. This was followed by a “Phase II” drop from a lift, for the eggs that survived the first release. The 2015 kit of parts was based on a picnic place setting and included paper plates, plastic utensils, paper cups and napkins, along with a few extras including a paper clip, string, tape and glue.

As always, decorative items were encouraged, but those were limited to paint, glitter or stickers. A unique consideration this year was making sure the end result weighed less than a pound so that the battery-powered drone could lift it to a height of 30 feet or more before releasing it to the ground. Some of the egg contraptions floated; others plummeted to the ground, although even in some of the latter cases the egg survived. Congratulations to our winner, Rob Beal and his family; their egg was dropped several times without breaking!

RLPS Egg Drop 2014

Our annual summer kick-off once again involved launching eggs – this year with a sling shot aimed at targets featuring the smiling mugs of RLPS partners. In the case of Dave Lobb, however, it was a live target. We assume it was just a coincidence that his wife also had an entry in this year’s competition. Each participant received a kit of parts including 50 business cards that had been collected during our office move last year, a tube of glitter glue, a roll of scotch tape, Easter grass and a rubber frog or slug. While hitting the targets proved to be a definite challenge, many of the eggs survived multiple launches. This year’s celebration also included fare from BBQ, Greek and ice cream food trucks.

RLPS Egg Drop 2013

To celebrate the start of summer our staff and their families compete in an annual egg drop, or to be accurate this year, an egg launch! It may have been cold and windy but our egg rockets were cleared for launch and a grand time was had by all! The contraptions were built with a pre-determined parts kit including foamcore, packing peanuts, an oatmeal container, plastic shopping bag, and string. Each competitor had to use these materials provided (and nothing extra) to create a rocket that would protect an egg during launch and bring it safely back to earth unbroken.

RLPS Egg Drop 2012

Every year RLPS issues a themed design challenge for employees to construct a contraption in which an egg will be directed toward a target. This year’s event was held at the construction site of our new office building and involved launching the eggs through a four-inch PVC chute from a second story window. Points were awarded for surviving the launch—many eggs did not—and also for hitting a hardhat target. Construction materials included paperclips, a cardboard tube, a piece of fabric, a strip of carpet, Elmer’s glue, scotch tape and rubber bands.


This year’s creative confections featured a 1930s era urban streetscape in 3/4″ scale, which allowed for detailed interior settings in addition to the typical candy construction facades. The display was created entirely by volunteers made up of RLPS staff, families and friends over approximately two weeks of evenings and weekends starting the day after Thanksgiving and wrapping up during the first week in December. New for 2016, we had an optional food drive for those who wished to participate. Thank you to past attendees who suggested this idea. All non-perishable food brought to our open houses was donated to Water Street Mission in Lancaster.

2015: Adiron-DECK the Halls

The 2015 display was loosely modeled after a traditional upstate New York Adirondack mountain town with an old-fashioned grand lodge resort. The twist for this display was that in lieu of gingerbread, our primary building material was pretzels! We used over 30 unique pretzel shapes on various parts of the display. Other edible construction materials included 120 sheets of gingerbread and 40 gallons of icing produced by the Lancaster County Career and Technology Center, as well as 20 pounds of rock candy, 15 pounds of salt, and 50 pounds of miscellaneous colored candies! Another important “building material” was 10-plus pounds of fondant which was used to mold a variety of objects, animals and people populating our Adirondack village, camp, and lodge.

The annual tradition, which began in 1988, involves employees, family, and friends who volunteer for hours of creative confectionery construction. Beginning just before Thanksgiving, participants spent many evenings and weekends pulling everything together in time for our client party in early December.