RLPS Egg Drop 2015

This year’s Egg Drop, our annual tradition kicking off the start of summer, involved our creative contraptions being dropped from a drone. This was followed by a “Phase II” drop from a lift, for the eggs that survived the first release. The 2015 kit of parts was based on a picnic place setting and included paper plates, plastic utensils, paper cups and napkins, along with a few extras including a paper clip, string, tape and glue.

As always, decorative items were encouraged, but those were limited to paint, glitter or stickers. A unique consideration this year was making sure the end result weighed less than a pound so that the battery-powered drone could lift it to a height of 30 feet or more before releasing it to the ground. Some of the egg contraptions floated; others plummeted to the ground, although even in some of the latter cases the egg survived. Congratulations to our winner, Rob Beal and his family; their egg was dropped several times without breaking!