A Charmed Life

A progress shot of construction.

We used Charms Candies primarily for the building blocks of our candy display this year.  We sent some photos of it to the Tootsie Roll company (who makes the candy) as a gesture.  They were cool enough to send us this letter back.

Even though they were not able to sell us boxes of colors individually, we bought 12,000 (yes, twelve thousand) Charm Squares and separated them out into the various colors.  Each house is primarily one color Charm and lit from within so they all glow.
Winning entry this year.
We started at about Thanksgiving and finished by the second week of December.  For more information of the process, see my detailed entries from last year’s display in the blog.  Things we learned this year:  Charms melt into forms great in the oven.  Color runs of Charms vary – i.e. reds are not all EXACTLY the same.  The Tootsie Roll company is pretty awesome – they sent a box of their product with the letter.
Goody Box.  Including some Charms!