AUGUST DESIGN INTERVENTION – Celebrating the Design of the Diner

The diner is one of America’s most recognizable icons.  Dotting the landscape of our cities and countrysides for more than 100 years, this precursor to the fast food industry is an architectural style unto itself.  The home of bottomless cups of coffee, hamburgers, french fries, milkshakes, hot dogs, fried egg sandwiches, bacon, pancakes, waffles, fried chicken, homemade cakes and pies, the diner is particularly well known for its blue plate specials.

It all started in 1872 when a young Rhode Island newspaper entrepreneur by the name of Walter Scott capitalized on the opportunity to serve homemade sandwiches and fresh brewed coffee to his fellow workers from a horse-drawn  lunch wagon.  To read more of this article, visit Lancaster Newspapers on-line.

Photo Credit:  Wikipedia Commons