Gregg Scott Awarded AIA Fellowship

Gregg Scott was one of four AIA Pennsylvania members selected by a jury for the American Institute of Architects’ (AIA) prestigious College of Fellows. This honor is awarded to members who have made significant contributions to the profession of architecture. Out of a total AIA membership of more than 90,000, approximately three percent are distinguished with the honor of fellowship. In celebration of this achievement, we are sharing some personal notes about Gregg’s career path to achieving FAIA status along with a few excerpts from the submission to the fellows jury.

Not his first choice . . . 

My first career choice was to be a graphic designer, but my Dad talked me out of that idea.  So I chose architecture since it would allow me to combine my love of drawing with a profession that met with Dad’s approval.

His first public speaking experience was a disaster:

I made the mistake of memorizing my very first public speech.  I was a college freshman, and I knew my topic inside and out.  Unfortunately, however, as soon as I got up in front of my classmates, I froze and couldn’t remember anything.  I sat back down and failed that assignment. 

Gregg has designed more than one building – twice!

You know that you’ve been doing something for a while when it comes back around a second time.  I’ve have had more than one opportunity to go back in and update a building that our firm had designed 20 years before.  It’s amazing to see how quickly “state-of-the-art” ages with the passage of time, but it’s equally gratifying to see that senior care continues to improve from places that used to look an awful lot like a hospital.


He knows what Boomers are looking for:

That’s because I am one!  Although you can’t lump everyone into a single category, I am certain Boomers are going to have an impact on senior living in this country.  For instance, many of us don’t want to be tied down to maintaining a house, but more and more Boomers don’t want to move out to the isolated “retirement community in the cornfield” either.  We want to be engaged as part of an authentic, vibrant community, including a downtown. That’s why my wife and I recently moved back into a condo in center city Lancaster—it’s actually the same building where we met 27 years ago! We absolutely love being within walking distance of so many restaurants, theaters, the library and a park across the street.

A few career highlights:

Gregg graduated from the Pennsylvania State University in 1973, and was awarded a Bachelors Degree of Architecture with Honors.

When Gregg joined the firm in 1977, it was Haak, Kauffman, Reese and Beers. 


In 1982, the partnership of Reese, Lower, Patrick and Scott was formed.


He has served as a speaker and panel member at hundreds of local, state, national and international seminars and conferences.

Gregg has mentored dozens of undergraduate students and intern architects, encouraging young architects to choose a focus on senior living for their career path.    

For the past 15 years, Gregg has authored a monthly column for LNP (Lancaster Newspapers) called Design Intervention.

His community involvement:

Lancaster City Council, 1982  – 1988

City Council President, 1986 – 1988

Pennsylvania College of Art and Design, Board Member 1992 -2006, Commencement Speaker 2016, Building Committee Chairperson

Board Member & Chairman Samaritan Counseling Center 2002 – 2008

Emcee for Annual Fundraiser, Samaritan Counseling Center 2012 – 2016

Capital Campaign Chair, Samaritan Counseling Center 2014 – 2015

Co-Chair Capital Campaign, Landis Homes, 2015 – present

Volunteer speaker for local community groups since 2007

“Smedley Award” for “extraordinary support for historic preservation in Lancaster County”, 2014

Comments from Others (extracted from FAIA submission)

“I have long admired Gregg’s steady hand, professionalism (both in dealing transparently with the public as well as his architectural knowledge) and leadership under public scrutiny.”

        Arthur E. Morris, Lancaster City Mayor 1980 – 1990

 “It is very satisfying to learn some of the vocabulary [of architecture], thanks to you.  When I walk downtown, I sometimes have difficulty because I’m looking up at the buildings instead of paying attention to where I’m walking.  The features are beautiful but easily missed.” 

        An LNP Reader 

 “I became the architect I was supposed to because of Gregg, not for the skills he taught me; but because he encourages young professionals to develop talents they may not even know they have.  The time Gregg spent on my mentorship was vital to my career development and it continues to this day – 20 years later.”

        James A. Mehaffey, AIA, Senior Project Manager, RLPS

“Collaborating with Gregg has been a career highlight for me. I’ve always appreciated his creative energy, generous sharing of expertise and willingness to look beyond the expected to discover ways to achieve the extraordinary.”

         David Piner, CEO (retired) of Arbor Acres United Methodist Retirement Community