MAY DESIGN INTERVENTION: A “King of Architecture”

Walt Disney’s 1994 feature animation The Lion King remains among the top 20 highest grossing films in history.  Lions have always held a special significance throughout history and among civilizations as evidenced by the abundant references to them in architecture, literature and commonly used phrases:   lion’s share, lion’s den, in like a lion and out like a lamb, heart of a lion, roar of a lion, thrown to the lions, and king of the jungle, just to name a few.  Although the lifespan of a male in its natural habitat averages only ten years, the lion’s mystique in human culture and myth is eternal.  The massive and distinctive mane in conjunction with the angular facial profile and steady gaze has made the lion a popular subject of paintings, carvings, sculptures, national flags, currency,  Hollywood films, and of course, zoos.  The roar of Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer’s Leo the Lion has remained the mainstay of their cinema brand for more than 90 years.   That’s a definite testament to the staying power and allure of the lion!     Lions have always enjoyed a prominent role in architecture as well.To read the full on-line version of the article from Lancaster Newspapers CLICK HERE.