MPRS – Big Living In Small Spaces

The old adage “Bigger is Better” is not necessarily true as it relates to housing for seniors.  Gregg Scott, FAIA, Partner Emeritus at RLPS and Ric Myers, Director of Marketing at Willow Valley Communities assert that the size of an independent living unit, either free-standing or within a larger building, is not the determining factor in its marketability or financial success. Rather, efficient use of space, the quality of the finishes, access to the outdoors and natural light, inviting spaces and amenities and flexibility are now the benchmarks for marketable and financially successful housing for seniors.

Changing the paradigm from the size of the space to thinking about how one lives in the space and what’s important for living comfortably is the focus of their presentation which can be downloaded here:  MPRS 2019-03-22 Living Small to Live Big WEB.