Twenty-two down and four to go!  Gregg Scott’s journey through the alphabet of architectural terminology has been toggling between difficult and easy. When it comes to pairing letters with examples from the illustrated architectural dictionary, the letter “W” falls into the easy category! 

Wrought iron is a familiar name with an extraordinary history dating back to the ancient Egyptians. Its earliest use was for dependable tools and effective farming implements.  Not to be confused with cast iron or steel—wrought iron is deliberately formulated to be forged or worked by hand, specifically by a blacksmith. While cast iron is brittle; wrought iron is malleable and can be shaped into intricate designs and even welded. The vocabulary associated with working wrought iron includes terms like:  punching, bending, twisting, flattening, slitting and cutting. Hence, strength and durability are two of the competencies of a “smithy.”


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