Wine and Dine

After a very successful architectural presentation to the board of a Mennonite Facility, Gregg and I had dinner with the administrator of the facility who was our main contact.  It did not seem unusual for the other two at the table to order a glass of wine with their dinners.  I had just a ginger ale, because I don’t drink.  Where am I going with this you ask?
A few minutes into the meal, I noticed several of the board member with whom we had just met walk into the restaurant.  When I commented on the familiar faces, I saw a look of panic cross the administrator’s  face.  She did not want the members of the board see that she had a glass of wine.  I am told that the reason the town where the facility resides has no pubs is that the parent Mennonite Organization owns, and renews annually, all of the liquor licenses in the borough, to ensure a dry town.
So in one of the most unusual sacrifices I’ve ever made for a client, I pulled her glass of wine in front of my spot at the table.