Lancaster Cleft Palate Clinic

Lancaster, PA

The Lancaster Cleft Palate Clinic was established in 1938. It is the oldest clinic in the world devoted to the comprehensive care of children born with cleft lips and palate and other craniofacial anomalies regardless of their ability to pay. The clinic was founded by Lancaster orthodontist Dr. Herbert K. Cooper on the first floor of his home. Today, it is one of three clinics in Pennsylvania that offer all aspects of cleft treatment.

Located at 223 N. Lime Street since the mid-1980s, the Lancaster Cleft Palate Clinic at the Sam and Dena Lombardo Health Pavilion has undergone $3.2 million of interior and exterior renovations. The extensive renovations doubled the number of patient treatment spaces reducing wait times for appointments.

Revitalizing an Old Space for its Young Patients

Complete interior design services for this 60+ year-old building included assisting with the selection of interior and exterior building finishes, as well as coordinating paint, flooring, and lighting selections with the contractor. RLPS Interior Designers also provided furniture selections and fabrics and supported delivery and installation.

Along with a two-story daylit atrium, a KidsZone was added to the waiting room area. The KidsZone features a playhouse, toys, appropriately sized seating and a colorful mural. Acoustic panel “clouds” suspended from the ceiling in that area add visual interest as well as reduce noise.

RLPS coordinated donations throughout the office; this included contributions towards flooring, ceilings, and countertops. Multiple donor walls have also been designed and are awaiting installation.

Creating Harmonious Work and Treatment Spaces

Cool, calming colors were used throughout the building, based upon the recommendations of a Feng Shui consultant. Nature-themed photographs taken by local photographers and selected by the owner are hung throughout the office and help bring a sense of tranquility into the space. In the lower level, the staff lounge received an update of new soft seating. Sit-to-stand desks were also provided for staff.

Sound-reducing doors and walls installed in each private room help deafen noise. Inside the patient rooms, television monitors installed on the ceiling allow patients to watch their favorite shows to help them relax during treatment.

Trout CPA

Lancaster, PA

When a local firm needed to expand, interior renovation allowed a modern office to emerge from a historic building. Due to rapid growth and a shortage of additional space at their Manheim Township location, Trout CPA returned to downtown Lancaster nearly 50 years after leaving the city. Their newest location at 158-160 E. King Street is located around the corner from where the company began in 1929.

Restoring A Piece of History

During the 13,000 square foot renovations, Trout CPA wanted to maintain the building’s rich history. A comprehensive interior renovation process was integral to the space restoration. The original tin ceiling was first on the list for preservation. Workers carefully removed and repainted the intricate tiles. Afterwards, the ceiling was reinstalled along with the existing trim and mouldings.

In the employee bistro/common area that looks out over King Street, a portion of the wall was covered in real brick. RLPS met with a manufacturer to match the interior brick with the outside of the building to provide a cohesive look. On the second floor, the original hardwood floors were refinished. Area rugs in a neutral pattern provide noise dampening.

Adding a Contemporary Flair

While maintaining the historic feel of the property was important, Trout CPA also wanted to reflect the contemporary, urban downtown environment inside this location. Designers carefully chose new interior details to match and complement the building’s original décor as much as possible. A dynamic, geometrical wallcovering welcomes visitors to the office. The color palette reflects Trout CPA’s updated branding and introduces a bright aqua accent color to complement the existing green.

The firm’s private offices feature large rolling glass doors that save space and add to the feeling of an open layout. When closed, privacy film on the door allows for confidential consultations with clients. RLPS also provided furniture selections with finishes and fabrics and then supported furniture delivery and installation.

Incorporating Nature

To introduce natural elements into the urban environment, the bistro features a live edge birch island countertop and live edge shelving. Echoing the birch surfaces, lighting in that area is mounted on a naturally finished wood backer. Planters installed on the nearby brick wall soften the hard surface with an organic element. Additional pieces and greenery can be added at any time. Near the entry, containers hold tall plants along a half-height wall further providing a visual barrier and add additional greenery to the space.

Barley Snyder Offices

Lancaster, PA

Interior updates for this thriving law practice focused primarily on the top two floors of work spaces, including the third floor paralegal and attorney’s offices, as well as a library and lounge area.  The project also involved updates to the first floor annex hospitality serving area and conversion of an office to a small conference room. Exposed brick walls and other distinctive historical elements were maintained for the updates.

This unique office setting was the site of additions and renovations previously designed by RLPS, resulting in the current three bay, three-story façade. The building face blends traditional and contemporary elements in its use of materials, scale and context with surrounding buildings.  Handmade oversized brick with grapevine mortar joints respects the adjacent historical structures. The bronze mirrored glass on the modern annex addition literally reflects a noteworthy Second Empire structure across the street.

Photo Credit:  Nathan Cox Photography