Vilꞁage On The Isle

Venice, FL

Replacing the 35-year-old Luke Haven Health Center on the landlocked 16-acre Village On the Isle (VOTI) life plan community campus required leadership vision, mission-driven decision-making, and innovative partnerships. The new Health and Rehabilitation Center slightly increases skilled nursing census from 60 to 64 while allowing VOTI to provide private suites in hospitality-inspired households.

Innovative Partnerships are Integral to the New Health and Rehabilitation Center

To pave the way for the new building and water feature, VOTI worked out a land swap with neighboring Emmanuel Lutheran Church and also provided a covered breezeway to the church, so residents who choose to worship there can stay dry when it rains. The drive under canopy also aides the VOTI supported Meal on Wheels program to keep volunteers out of the elements.

The community has subsequently partnered with Tidewell Hospice who will occupy eight of the 64 private suites to provide an inpatient hospice care unit for VOTI residents and members of the surrounding community in need of around-the-clock care.  VOTI is also working with The Green House Project, through their 2.0 Initiative, to continue the comprehensive cultural transformation made possible with the new Health and Rehabilitation Center.  This includes staff training which incorporates technology and case-based learning.

New Campus Entryway is Through the Health and Rehabilitation Center

The ground floor of the new center serves as the new main entryway for VOTI with a large porch leading into a concierge-staffed front desk in the lobby and a hospitality lounge for residents, guests and staff members. A courtyard along the side of the building leads to an outdoor patio overlooking a new water feature. The ground floor also includes 32 under building parking spaces and serves as the covered ambulance pick up, exercise and rehabilitation services and equipment, as well as the main production kitchen.

Varied accent colors are used on household entrance doors and outside resident suites to provide visual interest while aiding wayfinding.  Interior detailing such as wainscot in the suites and an extensive artwork collection, highlighted by pieces from local artists, reinforce the campus-wide gracious, island living design aesthetic.

Hospitality-Inspired Skilled Nursing Households

Four 16-resident households comprise the second and third floors. Each person has their own room with a triple window bay and private bathroom with a large, fully accessible shower. Individual households include a generously-sized great room comprised of a kitchen, dining area and living room. Second floor terraces provide another opportunity for residents to enjoy the outdoors / exterior and water feature. A behind-the-scenes pantry/delivery area is positioned between the two kitchens on each floor. Dedicated household staff socialize, cook and serve family-style meals, and care for residents on their respective floors. The new Health and Rehabilitation center also includes parlors on both floors, as well as an activity room, a media room and salon.

Award:  Third Place in Skilled Nursing/Post Acute Care Category, Senior Housing News Architecture and Design Awards

Photo Credit;  Nathan Cox Photography