Waverly Heights Community Center Updates

Gladwyne, PA

Renovations to the casual dining and coffee shop reflect a fresh approach to food preparation and a new attitude toward the dining experience. The transformation supports food service production changes allowing for an emphasis on farm-to-table ingredients and made-to-order selections, as well as increased chef engagement with residents including meals prepared tableside and “pop-up” events.

Food is now presented in an attractive, open-kitchen display format that supports these operational objectives in a vibrant and appealing atmosphere. The new scatter-style food stations, including a hearth oven and rotisserie grill, utilize up-to-date technology innovations to keep foods precisely hot or cold for longer times while helping to alleviate circulation issues and resulting wait times associated with the former cafeteria style set-up.  The renovations incorporate the design aesthetic of an upscale suburban bistro by utilizing contemporary, natural-looking materials and adding elements such as a fireplace to create a warm and inviting dining experience. Removing walls previously separating the dining areas from the former serving lines allows more natural light into the space and creates an open and appealing setting that elevates the food preparation process.

Award:  Environments for Aging (EFA) Remodel-Renovation Competition Gold Winner

Photo Credit:  Nathan Cox Photography