Warwick Woodlands, a Moravian Manor Community

Lititz, PA

Warwick Woodlands reflects Traditional Neighborhood Development (TND) principles including varied types of housing, courtyards and public spaces, easy access to nearby downtown amenities and a network of pedestrian-friendly streets and sidewalks connecting to the Lititz Borough sidewalk and trail network. Phase I includes ten freestanding two-story townhomes, 70 duplex carriage homes, 56 apartments and a bistro and lounge spaces. Later phases are slated to include additional housing and expanded community amenities as well as leased office spaces along the main street front. To maintain a pedestrian-friendly street front, the apartment building includes underground parking and garages for many of the homes are accessed via alleys.

The design team collaborated with Lititz Borough staff and building officials to create a new neighborhood that architecturally and dimensionally emulates the town vernacular including a higher density consistent with the spatial relationship between existing homes. There are no duplicate materials combinations among the 80 carriage and townhomes to further reinforce the community context. The apartment building takes on the appearance of interconnected buildings along the town’s streetscape which creates visual interest and reduces the perceived scale of the building. Landscaped medians further enhance the main streetscape while aiding in traffic calming since the final phase will connect two major arteries running through the town.

Photo Credit:  Nathan Cox Photography