Recording Studio – York College of Pennsylvania

York, PA

World Class Recording Studio Created by Re-Purposing Classrooms

YCP Studios, the new recording studio on campus was made possible by re-purposing existing space within an academic building where other music department classes were already taking place and which has served as an informal gathering space for musicians. The new on-campus recording studio opened the door for students to not only gain hands-on experience with professional recording equipment, but also allowed them the opportunity to create the York Music Group, which in turn manages its own record label – YCP Records.

The newly formed York Music Group also books entertainment through its event planning and promotion division, York Live. With the addition of this unique space on campus, YCP students are now able to directly experience every aspect of creating, recording, promoting, and performing music.

State-of-Art Resource for Students, the College and Community

Drawing on the experience and technical knowledge of design team members, including world-class acoustical consultants, we were able to transform two unused classrooms into a state-of-the-art, acoustically engineered studio for audio recording and production services. The studio provides cutting-edge technology to record, mix and master an artist’s work, while also functioning as an active learning classroom.

Since it’s opening, the studio has been opened up to the active music community in York, Pennsylvania, turning the space into an income generator for the college while creating a lively and inspiring environment for their musically talented students and faculty.

“Part of our job as a college is community engagement. It’s about getting folks in the region in here to do work, which also helps our students.”

Shawn Young, Ph.D., Music Industry Studies, Associate Professor of Music, as quoted in York Dispatch

Photo Credit: Nathan Cox Photography