Arbor Acres Houses on Bayberry

Winston-Salem, NC

New pocket neighborhoods of up to five cottage clusters responds to the need for moderately sized, higher density homes. These replacement senior living residences are being inserted near the center of the campus over several phases of construction.

Creating Garden-Focused Pocket Homes

The project celebrates the community’s courtyard gardens with a new interpretation of building placement and wraparound porches that expand a sense of ownership while providing community connectivity. The garden space between the buildings gives the structures a sense of freedom and independence while deep porches and a system of covered walkways offer residents a safe, weather-protected connection to the common areas at the heart of the community.

The covered front porches serve as a catalyst for neighbors to connect with each other and the shared gardens encourage community among the residents living around them.  Each Bayberry cluster features its own color palette and small-scale garden commons to promote a sense of identity and commonality between residents.

Modestly-Sized Homes for an Affordable Price Point

Each cluster consists of two1-bedroom with den patio homes joined as a duplex and two 2-bedroom patio homes.  The homes reflect a high level of thoughtfulness and detailing in a relatively small square footage at a modest price point.  Aimed at residents who require less space, but prefer living in a house rather than an apartment, the Houses on Bayberry feature efficient, marketable floor plans.

The one and two-bedroom units are approximately 1,000 SF and 1,100 SF respectively and are designed to provide an economical independent housing option. Despite their small size, the houses deliver handicap accessibility, sheltering porches, adjacent parking, cathedral ceilings with dormer lighting, shared garden spaces and covered connections to common areas. It all works to promote a sense of community.

Virtually every provider strives to provide affordable, low-cost housing options for their constituents.  Few are able to achieve this goal without sacrificing aesthetics.  This project achieved the owner’s affordability goals without compromising design integrity.  Despite their small size and affordability, the Houses on Bayberry deliver handicap accessibility, sheltering porches, adjacent parking, walk-in closets, cathedral ceilings generously lit from above with dormer skylights and covered connections to common areas.  The Bayberry house clusters are arranged to create small-scale public spaces or garden commons fostering a sense of community and outdoor connections.

Awards: Exhibition and Publication in the AIA/LeadingAge Design for Aging Review


Photo Credit: Larry Lefever Photography

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