Asbury Place, Arbor Acres

Winston-Salem, NC

This new three-story, 60-unit assisted living residence embraces both the arts and technology to create an environment rich in amenities and beauty. The gracious residence includes an atrium dining room, commissary, library, fitness/rehabilitation therapy center, multi-purpose room and day spa. Six two-bedroom apartments, expected to accommodate couples, are designed to be convertible into 12 studio apartments if needed to respond to future market needs. The therapy/fitness center includes occupational and physical therapy areas, private treatment rooms and a therapeutic pool with an underwater treadmill. The 2,000 SF spa features not only European showers and spa tubs, but also massage therapy, guided imagery, aromatherapy and towel warmers.

Award: Exhibition and Publication in AIA/LeadingAge Design for Aging Review, Publication in Environments for Aging Design Showcase


Photo Credit: Larry Lefever Photography

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