Williamsburg Landing – Small Houses & Adult Day Center

Williamsburg, VA

The new Memory Support Home and Adult Day Center provide secure, home-like settings to accommodate newly implemented evidence and behavior-based therapy and support programs for people with dementia.  The design result is a mix of living spaces including social and quiet spaces at different scales and locations to support therapies, activities and engagements tailored to each person’s needs and preferences.

Paired Small Houses

Like a well-planned private residence, the design concept clearly separates the functions of the paired small houses into public and private zones. The front door accesses a secure entry foyer that leads into the living and dining areas.  The open finishing kitchen allows for final meal preparations and menu flexibility. The kitchen is tucked around the corner for easy deliveries and to keep the focus on the serving area where a Chef provides made-to-order selections.  The common spaces are filled with natural light directed towards the shared courtyard, enticing elders to go outside.  Access to the open patio is through a covered porch, allowing older eyes to accommodate to changing light levels and providing a shaded space option.

The bedrooms are located in two private wings and furnished by residents and their families.  Each contains a fully accessible bathroom with a European Shower for enhanced privacy and dignity.  The rooms are spacious to accommodate comfortable family visits and support services.  A spa and hair salon are located in one wing to bring these services to the residents without having to travel outside.

Adult Day Services

The Adult Day Center was conceived as a mission-driven outreach program to address an unmet need in the Greater Williamsburg community for a safe and engaging option for people with dementia and respite for their caregivers. . The hillside site accommodated the Adult Day Center on the lower level of the Memory Support Home. A diverse mix of dining and activity spaces including a secure courtyard and fully equipped music and art studios, as well as a private quiet room and parlor.

Helping People Remain Engaged

While the owner valued the many positive benefits related to a more intimate, small house residence, it was equally important to allow people with dementia to remain engaged and have opportunities for positive social interactions.  The design result is a diverse mix of common spaces well beyond what is typically found in a small house setting. Each 12-bed house has its own great room living and dining area, complemented by smaller, quiet spaces and a gathering/activity room that is shared by the two houses and hosts a range of activities and therapy programs. Many of the spaces in both the small house and adult day setting are open with flexible furnishings to accommodate current program needs, while acknowledging the continued evolution of support therapies and individual resident preferences.

Awards:   Architecture & Design Award from Senior Housing News in the building category of Stand-alone Memory Care; Finalist in Environments for Aging Design Showcase 

Photo Credit:  Nathan Cox Photography

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