Schnader Hall Student Housing Updates – Franklin & Marshall College

Lancaster, PA

Big Changes in a Small Timeframe

Continuing multi-phased student housing updates that have taken place at Franklin & Marshall College over five summers, the renovations to Schnader Hall had to be completed when students would not be in the building. This condensed renovation schedule required nimble planning so that students would be able to return in time for the fall semester. The effort was assisted by extensive preconstruction efforts including a design process that started at the conclusion of the prior phase. The lobby, study lounges, restroom, corridors, and resident rooms all received a refresh.

A New Outlook for Older Student Housing

Like Franklin & Marshall College itself—originally founded in 1787, but moving forward and adapting to modern changes—Schnader Hall sits at a junction, separating the residential quad from the main academic areas of the College. It was important, during the design of the housing renovations, that Schnader Hall remain a place that students would want to both live and study. Through careful and imaginative renovation design, approximately 20 extra beds were able to be comfortably added while maintaining student safety and privacy. To complete the residence hall transformation into a completely new space, Schnader Hall as a whole received updates of bright colors and energetic accents.

Comfort and ADA Compatibility

Because the student population is now more diverse than ever, special consideration was taken to add all-gender, ADA accessible bathrooms in each hall. These bathrooms share sinks, but provide separate, private toilet and shower areas. In addition, excessive doorways and the walls around them were removed or reworked, creating a more open, welcoming space for all students. To add to student comfort, new MEP systems were introduced.

Photo Credit:  Nathan Cox Photography

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Masonic Children’s Home

Elizabethtown, PA

Renovations included both exterior and interior spaces to update the duplex home to a more modern, welcoming space for the children who live there. Spaces include a living room, kitchen with dining area, bathrooms, and bedrooms. Features include chalkboard walls in each bedroom, bathrooms with an extra sink in the hall, and a kitchen with large family dining table and extra seats at the island for studying or helping with meal preparation. These are the first of the Children’s Home spaces to be renovated. When all five residences are complete, up to 40 children will have new rooms and living spaces on the Masonic Village campus.

Franklin & Marshall College – Ben Franklin South Residence Hall

Lancaster, PA

The interior refresh of this residence hall was completed during the 11 week, summer break. Working inside the constraints of the existing space, study lounges, corridors, and over 100 resident rooms received new furniture and finishes. Excessive corridor doorways were removed for a more open and unified residential space. Special considerations were made to add gender neutral ADA accessible bathrooms. Subsequent interior refreshes continue in additional housing during summer breaks.


Photo Credit: Larry Lefever Photography

Little Run Lodge and Dormitory, York College of Pennsylvania

York, PA

Suite-Style Student Housing and Support Spaces for 1,000-bed+ West Campus Housing Complex

The Little Run complex completes the West Campus housing master plan with construction of additional student housing and student services. Little Run is a 154,480 square foot, five-story building offering three, four and five-person suites designed to house 360 students. Each suite includes a kitchenette with mini refrigerator and microwave, living room with soft seating and an end table, and bathroom with shower.

Little Run Lodge is designed to provide services for the entire West Campus Community including a dining hall with multiple venues and a production kitchen.  Other support spaces include a mail room, lounge and game room spaces, meeting rooms, banquet space and a “grab and go” convenience store.

The architectural character reflects the dominant aesthetic of the overall campus,  while slightly varying each of the student housing buildings for individuality. The buildings are designed in a contemporary style while using the common campus palette of red brick, precast and terne-metal stainless steel roofs and trims.

“We have worked with RLPS on numerous projects over the past 29 years. Our longstanding relationship is based on the firm’s respect for our goals and commitment to deliver the best possible product in each given circumstance.”

Dr. Ken Martin, Dean of Campus Operations, York College of Pennsylvania

Photo Credit: Nathan Cox Photography