Master Planning

Master Planning is an Exciting Opportunity to Create a Roadmap for Future Potential

Master planning provides an exciting opportunity to explore the potential for program and infrastructure updates that will foster sustained growth and long-term vitality while supporting strategic plan objectives. Our philosophy is that every aspect of the campus master plan must positively reinforce the intended experience.

Whether a feasibility study, facility evaluation or strategic master plan, our integrated approach is based on a thorough understanding of the issues shaping optimal building organization and development through new construction and/or additions and renovations. We understand that effective master planning requires the expertise of multiple planning disciplines. Therefore, our process provides an efficient forum for collaborative review and input.

Are You Really Ready?  The Numbers Behind Successful Senior Living Projects

Before starting your next senior living master planning or design project, make sure your team has “solved for x” and mastered the numbers that must align for a successful end result.

Campus Master Planning

Our master planning team looks beyond site and building considerations to evaluate every aspect of the campus experience including accessibility, walking distances, service deliveries, environmental sustainability, community connections and operational considerations. We draw on input from various stakeholders to address diverse campus and facility requirements to meet future program objectives. The over-arching framework provides a clear plan to direct short term projects in conjunction with long term goals, allowing for minor changes in the future.

Interior Master Planning

Interior master planning and branding alignment is an integral component of a comprehensive campus plan.  An interior design master plan facilitates uniform quality and a consistent style that defines a hierarchy of spaces through defined standards and guidelines appropriate to the functional role of each area. The end result is an enhanced campus image and identity, better evaluation of short- and long-range planning considerations, and more efficient processes in selection of finishes and furnishings. A well thought out and documented interior design master plan allows administrators to evaluate projected costs for future projects, whether a modest maintenance and remodel project or a planned expansion, by having an organized and structured set of reference materials.

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