The inspiration for our office was a collection of agrarian structures reminiscent of historical architecture from the region. Constructed in 2012, this modern interpretation combines traditional elements such as a standing seam roof and stone on the façade with large expanses of glass and an open floor plan.

To promote employee encounters and spontaneous collaboration, the design focus is an office “without walls”. Work stations are intentionally low to maintain visual and audible connections. The two-story hearth area, library and bistro function as informal gathering spaces to encourage further socialization between employees from all departments. The technology-integrated great room provides a flexible, multi-functional setting for various events.

The firm’s commitment to biophilic design principles is evident in the outdoor views, with three quarters of the 40-acre property remaining open habitat. Operable windows throughout and screen doors into the center courtyard provide cross ventilation and outdoor connections. The office was designed to LEED silver standards. Operating features include a geothermal heat pump system, as well as both occupancy sensor and timed systems controls.