Kerry Sacco

Our C.H. Walton Gallery currently features oil paintings by Kerry Sacco. Ms. Sacco graduated from Millersville University and a subsequent move back to Philadelphia and enrollment in the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts led to her rediscovery of oil paintings. She currently resides in Lancaster, PA and exhibits throughout the area. She also runs a children’s art camp each summer in Chester County. To see more of Kerry Sacco’s work visit

Beth Kaylor Brunner

We’re happy to welcome Beth Kaylor Brunner to our CH Walton gallery. Her lively acrylic works combine her love of gardening and art in a delightful way. Beth might be familiar to some of you after her 20-plus years teaching art at Warwick School District. If you happen to be in our office over the next few months, please take a look. You can also see more of her work and read her blog on her website.

Haneman Art

We are currently featuring the work of local artist, David Haneman, who specializes in intricate pen and ink drawings. Mr. Haneman resides in Marietta, Pennsylvania, not far from our office on the Susquehanna River. Many of his works have an architectural theme and feature local buildings, train stations, steam engines, or animals. To see more of his work, visit his website or stop in the CH Walton Gallery the next time you are in the RLPS office.

JPDesign Art

JPDesign Art – Jeanne Petrosky and Dennis Guzenski from Pottstown, Pennsylvania – are the current artists in our CH Walton Gallery. Their unique handmade paper art pieces “focus on subtle to vibrant colors and textures bringing a meditative spirit to any environment.”

Jeanette Leid – The White Birch

Jeanette Leid is a local artist based in Denver, PA.  Discussing her own work she says, “The white birch trees and rustic landscape that become my subjects are full of realistic detail alongside areas of negative space. This contrast demands a studied observation. My intention is to instill a feeling of “openness” allowing the imagination to become engaged.”

Her drawings are on display in our gallery and you can find more about Jeanette and her work at

Nick Wetzel

Nick Wetzel is a nature photographer committed to capturing the beauty of the natural world without baiting or luring his subjects, thus capturing their images in truly their natural habitats. Nick resides locally in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania and spends his breaks from teaching high school science exploring the outdoors. His work is currently exhibited in our gallery and you can also find more of his work at and on Instagram @nickwetzelphotography.

Andy Smith

Art by Andy Smith,a local artist from Lititz, PA, is currently on display in our gallery.  Andy’s detailed watercolor paintings highlight snippets of everyday life and the play of light and shadow across his subjects – which could be anything from a piece of pottery on a windowsill to a roadside scene he’s captured on one of his morning bike rides around Lancaster County.  This is the second time Andy’s work has graced our gallery.


Marlin Bert

WALTON GALLERY: Artist Marlin Bert shares his techniques with Eric McRoberts while installing several of his pieces. Marlin is also with Natural Light Films who does our videography so we’re excited to share his work in our gallery!

Mellissa Carroll Art & Design

RLPS started off 2017 by welcoming artist Melissa Carroll to the C.H. Walton Gallery. Melissa’s acrylics depict some of her father’s mineral specimens and bring color, shape, and texture to the gallery, brightening gray winter days. In her own words “I wanted to find that sweet spot between realism and abstract. I saw it and wanted to show it to others too.” You can find her website at and her Facebook page at If you’re visiting our office, please take a moment to check out her work.