• A Partner for Higher Education Design

    Our team of higher education architects is passionate about developing creative solutions to help you attract students, engage faculty and foster long-term campus growth and vitality. We are committed to listening and responding to each client’s needs. This has resulted in our positive reputation for fresh and insightful higher education design solutions.

    Just as you partner with students to develop future leaders, RLPS partners with colleges and universities for meaningful architectural planning and design. We collaborate with your team to develop functional and appealing higher education design solutions that address not only educational pedagogies and spatial needs but also provide a foundation for daily living, learning and engagement.



    An Integrated Team Approach with Real World Solutions

    We’ll help you navigate through planning, design and construction for renovation, new construction, interior updates, technology integration and sustainability. RLPS Interiors provides fully integrated higher education interior design or the option as a stand-alone entity on small projects such as furniture specifications or finish selections.  RLPS higher education architects create buildings that enhance the existing campus vernacular and design aesthetic in an inviting and functional manner to inspire students and faculty.

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