A Fond Farewell to the RLPS Gingerbread Display

As RLPS approaches our 70th anniversary, we have decided the time is right to make way for new traditions. We have made the hard decision to “retire” the gingerbread display following a three-year hiatus to focus our creative energies on the needs of our clients and those they serve, many of whom are located outside our local community.

People building a gingerbread village

THANK YOU . . . for 30 years

What started as a simple idea to build a few gingerbread houses at our 1988 client holiday party evolved into an annual creation of intricate edible architecture. Each year, several months of sketching, designing and planning culminated in two to three crazy weeks of hands-on, after-hours construction to bring each vision to life.

It took more than 30 gallons of icing, 60 sheets of gingerbread and 100s of bags of candies, beans, crackers, chewing gum, pastas, cookies and cereals.  And then there was the platform construction, lighting, music, trains, planes and other moving parts that tied into each theme.

THANK YOU . . . to our clients, business associates and local community members who made the gingerbread display worthwhile

Your enthusiasm, willingness to wait in 1- to 2-hour lines and generous contributions to our food drives have been greatly appreciated!

THANK YOU . . . to our employees, family members and friends who pulled it all together

You came up with the vision year after year, contributed hours of personal time to create awe-inspiring structures and backdrops and then volunteered several of your evenings in December so that we could host community open houses.

Details of past RLPS gingerbread display

Fondly Remembering the RLPS Gingerbread Displays

If you’d like to reminisce about past villages or be inspired to build your own gingerbread creation, take a look at our compilation videos highlighting the various themes over the years between 1988 and 2019.

Watch the Full-Length Video (14 Minutes)

Watch the Highlights Version (3 Minutes)

Thanks again for your support, dedication and encouragement over the years!