2012: Jolly Olde London Towne

Since 1988, RLPS employees have created an elaborate gingerbread display. Planning begins in October and culminates with the unveiling in early December. Employees, friends, and family members all join in to help create this magical display that brings out the child in each of us.

The 2012 display continues this tradition – harkening back to 18th century London straight out of a Charles Dickens novel. Cobblestone streets paved with thousands of black beans lead you through a bustling metropolis full of gingerbread shops towards the sugar River Thames complete with the London Bridge and Big Ben. Graham cracker sidewalks are full of fondant Londoners – a baker displaying her wares, a barber ready for his next customer, nannies looking for work, a dog walker, horse-drawn carriages, and even an elephant raiding crates outside the East Indies Trading Company. Shoppers enjoy a chewing-gum clad Harrods department store and there are plenty of pubs to take a break and grab a meal while preparing for the holidays. A magic shop (with rabbits multiplying all over town!), train station, fish monger, newspaper print shop and more are all waiting to be discovered in this highly detailed candy, cracker, pasta, and gingerbread creation.

Photo Credit: Larry Lefever Photography