Sycamore Square Hybrid Homes at Masonic Village

Elizabethtown, PA


Masonic Village in Elizabethtown has a scenic 2,500-acre campus with abundant space for a mix of cottages and apartments. The community was looking for something fresh and new to offer as independent housing that could be added incrementally.  The design result was a new style of hybrid homes on the perimeter of the campus. Constructed in two phases, the Sycamore Square hybrid homes are four, 3-story wood framed structures, each with 12 apartments and modest gathering areas.  Based on positive marketing results for these new residences, located in easy walking distance to Elizabethtown amenities, there was no break between phases.

Hybrid Homes 2.0

The Sycamore Square hybrids feature a new approach to covered parking.  Each residence has a private garage in lieu of a podium-style, under-building parking garage. Providing separate garages with individual doors eliminates the needs for a solid concrete-and-steel floor above, thereby reducing the construction cost. As is typical for hybrid homes, each residence is positioned for multi-directional views and includes a private balcony.

Smart Homes

Masonic Village is committed to technology that provides added conveniences, fosters opportunities for social connections and supports aging in place.  Each apartment is equipped with smart technology and residents receive an iPad to access built-in and optional features. Home automation options include motion sensors with light activation, safety sensors, light switches and thermostats that can be programmed and controlled through any mobile device and an online portal with access to dining menus, campus updates, event calendars, games, photo/video sharing and more.

Construction photos courtesy of Wohlsen Construction