David T. McNally

Senior Designer

RLPS Employee Since 2015

Bachelor of Architecture with Honors, University of Illinois at Chicago

David focuses on translating social, spiritual, economic and artistic goals into meaningful design solutions through the creation of enabling environments. Based on over 29 years of diverse experience, he understands the process of collaboration, managing resources and balancing project goals within the constraints of budget, regulations and context. David believes that good design is the product of good listening and his experience at RLPS is that no design has a single author. He feels that collaboration is not buzz word, it’s a philosophy that creates better solutions for our clients.

Having studied architecture at the University of Illinois at Chicago and living near Chicago for 18 years David developed a great appreciation for the work of architect Louis Sullivan.  In his spare time, he and his wife love to cook, garden and watch English football (big Liverpool FC fans). David also dabbles in woodworking.