Andrew Allwine Passes Architectural Registration Examination

Congratulations to Andrew (Andy) Allwine on successfully completing the Architect Registration Exam (ARE).  The exam is comprised of several divisions that assess candidates for their knowledge, skills and ability to provide the various services required in the practice of architecture. The ARE attempts to determine the candidate’s qualifications not only to perform measurable tasks, but also to exercise the skills and judgment of a generalist working with numerous specialists.   

We asked Andy a few questions about his journey to becoming a Registered Architect.

Andy’s educational background

I graduated from Temple University with a Bachelor’s of Architecture degree in 2008.

His first job

My first part time job was at Stauffer’s of Kissell Hill.  I worked there during high school and was in charge of stocking the dairy and frozen departments—milk, ice cream, eggs, frozen veggies, etc. Not very architectural, unless you count building structures out of milk crates!

Andy’s inspiration to become an architect

My inspiration to become an architect comes in part from my grandfather, Russel Schreiber, who has done woodworking throughout his professional and personal life, has a lot of knowledge of historic building types and has always respected a well-designed, well-built building. My interests were also fueled by the help of a few important mentors at Temple who expanded my view of a building’s impact on the world around us.

In case you’re wondering about the photos

It’s an RLPS tradition that firm partners cut the tie (or scarf) of a newly registered architect during our monthly staff meeting.  Although the history of this practice is a little murky, the tradition continues mostly because it’s fun and certainly an achievement worth celebrating.