Hold the Starch

What do an electric iron and a set of presentation drawings have to do with each other?  Quite a bit if those presentation drawings we mysteriously and mistakenly crumpled and tossed in the trash.  One day, before a fairly important presentation, a frantic search began for the drawings around which this presentation was going to be centered.  Finally, the renderings were discovered in a recycling receptacle, and they were not in very good condition.
Time was limited, so the possibility of rendering the drawings again was not an option.  The solution; go to Kmart, purchase an iron (with a  steamer), lay out the crumpled up renderings on the floor, and iron out the drawings like a wrinkled shirt (without the starch).  Up close, the drawings were still pretty wrinkled, but from 10 feet or more, the wrinkles were not really recognizable.  Apparently, the presentation went well enough.  It just goes to show you, presentation drawings only need to look good from presentation distance.