Just the Fax, Please.

This post seems awefully dated, simply becasue no one faxes anything anymore.  Here’s a picture of one if you’re under 30…
Is it possible to follow directions too closely?  Once while working as a summer student, another intern was asked by a partner to take a large traced drawing on mylar and fax it to a consultant.  The intern looked a little puzzled, so the he was told, “cut it into 8 ½ inch strips”.
The intern dutifully cut the mylar into strips, faxed it and returned the drawing mended with strips of Scotch Tape.  Confused, the partner asked what happened to the drawing.  The intern responded that he had to, in order to get the sheet through the fax machine.  When asked why he didn’t make a copy to cut THAT up and fax it, the intern responded, “I don’t know, you didn’t ask me to”.