New Office Building

RLPS Architects is looking forward to moving into our larger, more efficient office building, slated for completion by the end of this year. Construction is currently underway on a 40-acre property along Oregon Pike for the new building of a similar style to the firm’s current award-winning office space at 1910 Harrington Drive. Warfel Construction is the general contractor.

The new office is expected to be 21,587 square feet, about 1/3 larger than the current 16,000 square foot space, with flexible furniture and space configurations to accommodate the firm’s 58 current employees in project team workspaces. The office will be surrounded by natural wetlands and connect to the township’s linear park system. While the new office will have a similar character and indoor/outdoor connections like the firm’s current location, it will also incorporate sustainable features expected to reduce energy costs and provide a healthy environment for employees.