RLPS Egg Drop 2021


It’s Back! After a brief hiatus (thanks to the COVID-19 Pandemic) we were able to gather again for the 2021 Egg Drop.

According to tradition, on the Friday before Memorial Day, we celebrate the unofficial start of summer with an Egg Drop. Employees are given a kit of supplies which are used to build a contraption to protect a raw egg when it’s dropped. This year we decided to mix the egg drop with Pinewood Derby-style cars. Each person created a vehicle with a Pinewood Derby base that could be launched, yes launched, from a ramp. The vehicle that traveled the farthest without breaking its egg would win.  Congratulations to Rebecca with her “Brake Fast” vehicle for winning the launch and to Mike S. who’s airplane won for aesthetics.

Staff members also filled a pickup truck with non-perishable food and bottled water donations for Water Street Mission. Thanks!

View video of the launches